April 19, 2018

Dear Allatoona Community,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you.  To start, it is an honor to be named the new principal for the upcoming school year.  I have worked for twenty-two years in the west Cobb community, and had the pleasure of opening Allatoona High School in 2008 as a member of the first administrative team.  I know firsthand the tradition of excellence that has been established at Allatoona High School, and my goal is to continue to lead the Buc Nation to success.  I encourage parent, faculty, and community involvement so that together we can work to ensure the success of our students in any endeavor they seek.  I am excited about beginning the new school year and looking forward to meeting the students, staff, parents and community members.  I plan to spend the first months getting to know the stakeholders and developing relationships.

My focus as the principal is always to keep students at the center of my decision making process.  A student’s education should encompass a variety of learning experiences, which include high quality instruction along with challenging learning tasks, and opportunities to gain the skills to function socially and emotionally as they grow into adults. I am committed to providing opportunities for students to gain leadership skills and achieve their academic goals so that they are equipped to meet the demands for the next steps in their journey.

I believe that effective communication between the school and home is an essential element for success.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or just to introduce yourself.  Working together as a school community enriches your child’s educational experiences. I look forward to meeting you in the coming months.


Candace Wilkes

A Message from LGE Community Credit Union:

The LGE Community Credit Union (LGE) has partnered with the Cobb County School District (CCSD) to support our schools and students. As a new feature of this partnership, LGE has created High School Spirit Cards where each high school in our district will have their own VISA card (Debt or Credit) that contains their unique high school mascot logo along with the logos for LGE and CCSD. This is a great opportunity for each high school community (teachers, staff, students and parents) to participate in that this program is designed to create team spirit in each high school environment while at the same time, create an opportunity for each high school to raise additional funding. Below is a picture of what the card looks like for your school.

How can you get a LGE/CCSD VISA High School Spirit Card?

High School Spirit Cards are available starting in April, 2018.  The High School Spirit Cards are available for teachers, students, parents and community members. If you are already an LGE member or want to join the LGE Community Credit Union, simply visit an LGE branch. LGE branches are conveniently located throughout Cobb County.

How will you and your high school benefit from this partnership?

As part of launching the High School Spirit Card program, LGE will be giving each high school $1,000.00 for participating. On top of that, LGE will implement a revenue share with each high school. High School revenue sharing will depend on how many teachers, students and parents signup for the VISA card and how often they use their cards. The more participation and transactions a high school has, the more money that goes back into the pockets of each school.

In addition to benefiting the CCSD High Schools, if a teacher, student or parent has a High Rewards Checking account, they would also get 2.00% earnings every time they use their High School Spirit Card. In addition, they would also get 1.00% cash back on all VISA credit card purchases if they also sign-up for a High School Spirit Credit Card!

Tell me about LGE Community Credit Union and what produces and services do they provide?

LGE Community Credit Union is a large, well respected credit union which offers a range of financial banking services including checking, savings, loans, insurance and more. (LGE High Rewards checking features 2.00% APY earnings on balances up to $25,000 based on HRC requirements. Additionally, LGE offers 1.00% cash back on credit card purchases). LGE members also have access to LGE Financial Advisors that can meet with you to uncover your needs and long-term goals, and then build a complimentary financial plan that will help you to determine a savings and investment strategy that is appropriate for you, your family, and your future.

LGE Community Credit Union

430 Commerce Park Drive

Marietta, GA 30060




Principal’s Corner

Dear Allatoona High School Community,

As we move into the final twelve weeks of the school year, I would like to encourage parents to keep their children focused on being the best students they can be every day.  Let’s work together to motivate students to be intentional learners for the remainder of the year.

The Allatoona staff is committed to working diligently over the next twelve weeks to provide students every opportunity to be successful in the classroom.  Our expectations, both in and out of the classroom, will remain high for every student at Allatoona High School.  Our outstanding teaching staff will offer many opportunities for enrichment as well as preparation for end of course exams and finals as we move toward the end of the semester.

For our seniors, the next few weeks will be the beginning of the end of their high school careers.  I would like to encourage each senior parent to take an active role to ensure that all of our seniors work hard, make good decisions, and finish strong.

For our underclassmen, we will begin the process of building our master schedule for the 2018 – 2019 school year, which will be based on the class selections made by our students in the next few weeks. Students will have the opportunity to review those selections in the coming weeks as part of our registration process.

Please see our website for additional information, and feel free to contact the school with specific questions or concerns.


John Kelly Signature


Welcome to Allatoona!