Melody McAllister


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All Counselors' Responsibilities:


RTI Team Member/Case Manager
Trancript Evaluation
Horizons Referrals
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Senior Meetings
Comprehensive Data Project
Remind 101 Messages/Social Media Announcements
Graduation Assistance
Individual Student Meetings
Promote/Retain Students on Case Load
Outside Referrals for Students
Junior Advisement Meetings
9th and 10th Classroom Lessons
Assist Students with College Application Process

About Me

Melody McAllister is originally from New York and has been moving south ever since. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science Education and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling. She spent 20 years working in schools in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina before coming to Allatoona in 2012. She loves to travel, read, and hike and she lives in Kennesaw with her husband, her son Spencer (when he’s not away at college), her German Shepherd and her cat.

Skills and Education

Mrs. McAllister holds both a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science Education and a Master of Education in School Counseling from University of Delaware.  This is Mrs. McAllister’s 28th year in education.


Coordinate CVA/GAVS Student Enrollment and Progress
Ombudsman Contact
Honors Night and National Merit Contact
8th Grade Articulation
Project 2400/SAT Prep Classes
Coordinate Field Trips for 4-Year Schools
12th Grade Parent Information