Helm Applications

All Applications (Executive Board and Class Officer) are due Sunday, March 29th by 10:00 PM (now turned in ONLINE).

2 teacher recommendations must be requested from teachers and TEACHERS turn them in by Sunday, March 29th by 10:00 PM (online).

Executive Board Application Direct Link

Executive Board Application QR Code:

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(Please note – if you want to apply for BOTH Class Officer and Executive Board, you MUST complete and turn in BOTH applications by the deadline!)

Class Officer Direct Link

Class Officer QR Code:

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HELM Job Descriptions 2020

Teacher Recommendations’ QR Code:

HELM Application Teacher Recommendations

Teacher Recommendations’ Direct Link

Please be aware that the teacher recommendation form may ONLY be filled out by logging into an Office 365 account first.  You may attempt to fill out the teachers’ recommendations for them, but it will be immediately obvious that you have done so.  Do NOT do this – it will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification from consideration for The Helm.