ParentVue Login Request

Instructions for parents requesting a new account ParentVue Activation Key:
• The enrolling parent of an actively enrolled student must send an email request for a new ParentVue account to the school principal, Mrs. Candace Wilkes.
• The principal will ask for verification that the request is being made by the enrolling adult by requesting an email copy of the enrolling adult’s ID.​
• The principal will forward the request to the ParentVUE Coordinator, Tiffany Brewer, or other designee.​
• The ParentVUE Coordinator will do an additional check of verification from the email sent to the principal.​
• The ParentVUE Coordinator will create an Activation Key for the enrolling adult in Synergy.​
• The ParentVUE Coordinator will email PDF copies of the Activation Key and the ParentVUE Acceptable Use Policy & User Agreement for the parent’s records.​

Please note: Parents of students registered through the new Student Online Registration system will automatically have ParentVUE accounts provisioned for them once the school registration clerk has completed the process, and will not need to go through the process described above.